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We plan, expand and operate confidently looking to the future.

Expanding our portfolio with new brands that we are going to distribute.

Deepening partnerships in order to improve the quality of cooperation.

Increasing the number of employees in line with the growth of the company.

Increasing the flexibility so that we can adapt to changes in the market and initiate some of them.

The growth of the market share, maintaining the status of a preferred employer.

Improving service of our partners.

Construction of new storage capacities.


On the base of successful presence we plan, build and share with you even better future. Our every activity is carefully planned, coordinated and done by numerous and coordinated team of dedicated employers. A modern fleet which is administered ensures that our clients are served quickly and safely.

Hotel Aleksandar




  • Address: Mahala bb,
        81 000 Podgorica, MNE
  • Phone: +382-20-872-667; 
  •  E-mail: