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The company Klikovac celebrates its 24th birthday. Since its establishment until today, we are listening to the market demands in order to properly meet the needs of the same, with the aim to be the best in the business. We can proudly say that we are one of those companies that not only adapts, but also monitors and implements all new things that appear on the market and therefore influence its development. Throughout the years and experience behind us, our company takes the place of the leading distributor in the Montenegrin market with the aim of keeping the leading position in the future, and to offer nothing but the best to all our partners and customers in the years to come.

We thank everyone for the trust, with the promise that in the years to come, we will try to be more efficient and better, supporting the needs of our market.

All are welcome on the same way to success!


NEW from Ecofood

From now on Ecofood offers 100% natural juices Our brand Ecofood expands its product portfolio and begins producing natural juices.Juices are 100%...

Italchimica - a new brand in the assortment of Klikovac Comp...

There are DermoMed and Dual Power products. Klikovac Ltd. with the world famous company Italchimica signed contract for exclusive representation...

Ecofood Homemade chutney in the best edition so far

From now on in new packaging, according to the original grandmother Draga recipe. From our brand, Ecofood, new things are...

New project – the construction of a residential and business...

Klikovac Company Ltd. from 01st October 2015 is starting with the construction of a residental and business building in Kumbor,...


On the base of successful presence we plan, build and share with you even better future. Our every activity is carefully planned, coordinated and done by numerous and coordinated team of dedicated employers. A modern fleet which is administered ensures that our clients are served quickly and safely.

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