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Gold market

Twenty three years long tradition, proved product quality (over 25,000 of food and consumer goods), very kind staff, high quality offer and of course, MOST COMPETETIVE PRICES .
The object is positioned on the area of 1,600 square meters consisted of 1,050 square meters of trade space equipped by modern equipment, with 6 counters and huge parking. All mentioned provides our customers comfortable ambient and pleasant shopping.

The price of the success lays in mutual confidence that is not given but earned in time!!!

Market " Gold" In Rafailovici on the surface of 160 square meters with its very kind staff, high quality offer and most competitive prices justifies long term business.


On the base of successful presence we plan, build and share with you even better future. Our every activity is carefully planned, coordinated and done by numerous and coordinated team of dedicated employers. A modern fleet which is administered ensures that our clients are served quickly and safely.

Hotel Aleksandar




  • Address: Mahala bb,
        81 000 Podgorica, MNE
  • Phone: +382-20-872-667; 
  •  E-mail: